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My Story

     I have been doing art since I was a child. You know, that kid that colored outside the lines and used unusual colors. The one that ignored the instructions. I took art classes all through school.        Then began art classes in college but life happened and I quit. I have studied on my own since. And during that I developed my own style.

To me the end product does not really matter. I really love the process. The mark making, the brush strokes, the use of mixed materials. I love using different techniques and tools. In this I feel free to experiment.

     When I paint I feel a connection to Elohim (Creator God). After all He created us in His image so we are made to create. My works are inspired by my faith, my life, and God’s beautiful creation around me.


I'm always looking to meet those interested in my art. Or if you just want to drop me a message. I would love to hear from you.

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